Sunday, March 27, 2016


Easter eggs and hats are the order of the day for the 3-D Cats.

 Domino's out hunting for eggs in full Easter regalia.  What a beautiful pink lace dress adorned with ivory roses!  Her wide-brimmed Easter hat is ivory, too, adorned with matching flowers.

Domino is also carrying an Easter rabbit wand.  If she can't find enough eggs, she intends to conjure some up!

 Dylan is overjoyed at the egg-cellent turnout!  He is sporting a green and yellow straw fedora with blue band with a coordinating bowtie in bright orange, lime green and pale blue.

Dylan's bunny friend is suited up in a similar outfit -- why they look like they could almost be related!

Dante's wearing a pink straw fedora with gray trim, and bunny ears which capture the spirit of the day.  His bowtie has matching pink tones with touches of yellow and white.

Dante's overwhelmed by all the eggs-amples of Easter bounty which surround him.  "Yum!" says he quite succinctly.

The 3-Ds and I wish you all a very ...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Dylan's on deck in the back.  The snow has completely receded from it, but is still covering a large part of the actual yard.

I really like this purrticular portrait, so I've done it up three ways.

This is the original photo. 

This is Dylan in softer watercolours. 

And finally, Dylan's done up in colour pencil.

He's so very FURsatile, don't you think?

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Domino is wearing her version of a leprechaun hat, high and pointy and adorned with shamrocks.  She also has a necklace of shamrocks around her neck.

Her mousy friend is doing a little jig and bringing her a bouquet of those four-leafed clovers for luck. It looks like Domino's all set to have a very Happy St. Patrick's Day at least until ...

... the jig is up!

Dylan is celebrating today by wearing his style of leprechaun hat, which is basically a green top hat with a brown belted band and a gold buckle.  He's also sporting a green bowtie with a shamrock at its center.

Dylan and his bluebird friend are on the lookout for gold, doncha know?  It seems like they won't have to look too far.


It's St. Patrick's Day and Dante's all about the beer!  His hat says it all.  He's more interested in guzzling that frothy green liquid than looking for gold.  At least he has his PURRiorities straight.

"Furst fings, furst!" says he.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Domino is in the front garden just beside the driveway.

 She is inspecting the newly 'uncovered' grass and bushes.

 Part of this very impawtant work is to carefully sniff it all out.
"Yoo nevah noes wot introodahs has bin dis way all wintah!" says she.

"Dats why I hasta go undahcovah."

"I'mma plant!"

Friday, March 11, 2016


The 3-Ds are enjoying warmer weather this week.  And the whiff of sPURRing is in the air!

The cardinal is whisPURRing to Dante that he's seen sPURRing and it's on its way.  As the temPURRature is still just a few degrees above zero, Dante is wearing a bright red tartan flatcap on his head and a red silk scarf around his powerful neck.

He's mighty stoked that sPURRing isn't far off.  He wants to go back to wearing lighter hats and bowties again.

Dante shouldn't get too expectant, though, because if there's one cardinal rule, it's don't trust a cardinal!

Dylan's looking handsome in his cashmere taupe and blue plaid flatcap and coordinating taupe linen scarf.  The birds are WRENdering their own imPURRessions about the proximity of sPURRing.

"We mite not be bloo, but we is happeh!" tweet the wrens.  "We kin hardly wait ta sing our own WRENdition of 'Come on Spring'.

Domino's birdie friends may be green but not with envy.  They fancy themselves harbingers of sPURRing and are all very chipper (or is that cheeper) about it!

Domino is wearing a gorgeous green wool beret decorated with feathers and a bow of black.  She has chosen a matching green wool scarf fastened with a gold baroque brooch to accompany it.

The real birdies are quite chuffed about their furiend Domino sporting a picture of a green bird, and have elected her as their cheerleader to welcome in sPURRing!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Dante and Domino have at least one thing in common -- their outlook on winter.

"We is bof lookin' forward ta sPURRing!" they declare in unison.

Friday, March 4, 2016


Although Domino may be the only one who is currently 'marching', they are all dressed appropriately for a trek in the snow.

 Domino is feeling very colour-full in her knit coral newsboy cap and matching mittens.  She is sporting a wool scarf in a slightly lighter hue, fastened with a floral coral brooch.

She has even trotted out her new rust-coloured leather boots with very fashionable gold buckles for trotting around the neighpurrhood.

The bullfinches approve of Domino's colour choices, but start to wonder if she isn't a bit of a copycat (amongst other things too dastardly to detail).

Dylan, too, is dressed to the nines (as least as far as winter outwear is concerned).  He is wearing his favourite black leather aviator hat which is extra warm due to the faux fur lining.  He has paired this with a smart black and blue plaid wool scarf and some coordinating black and blue waterproof mitts.

The street lamp is casting some light on the situation.  Dylan has been hearing some chattering noises, and spies the reason why.  There's a squirrel up there in that tree.

"Purrhaps yoo'd like ta 'come on down'", says he.  "I gotta big surprise jus' fur yoo!"

"Yoo fink I'm nuts?" replies the squirrel.

Dante has gone for quite the long hike.  He's trying to stay close to the beaten path as the fields are deep with snow.

Dante has chosen to wear a faux fur hat with plaid brim.  His woolly scarf is also a gold, red and green plaid.  Being quite large it covers a good portion of his upper torso.  Dante's also wearing waterproof ranger's boots in brown and tan, and brown suede gloves with fake fur trim.

"I generally likes ta be genuine, but wen it comes ta fur, faux is the best way ta go!" asserts he.

It's then that Dante notices this cute little bunny deep up to his neck in snow and he seems to be stuck. "Nevah fear liddle rabbit, I'm gonna help yoo get outta dere.  Yoo kin
just grab onto my tail an' I'll pull yoo out!"

Good thing Dante's dressed for the job!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Domino is about to emBARK (or is that meow?) on a momentous journey into the snow.

 "Dis is wun small step fur me ...

... an' two big steps fur felinekind!"