Tuesday, August 30, 2011


In addition to efurrything else that Domino does on a regular basis, she moonlights as a PURRivate InvestiCATor -- actually she moonlights mostly during the day, but will do whatever it takes to solve a case.  If this means doing a stakeout after midnight, she's all for it!

"I alwais enjois a good STEAK-OUT, speshully durin' BBQ seesun!", says Domino.

"I yam verreh PURRsistent, even wen I cums up against a brick wall."

"I'm onna noo case dat hits verreh close to home -- mainly cuz it involves da next-door nayPURRs", says Domino.  "Dis is dere gardin last yeer."
(Biggify to see da whole fing.  Do you see me at da bottom of da big twee?)

"An' dis is wot it looks like now!", she says.
(Biggify again)

Domino starts by investigating the porch.  There's not much new except this heavy stone urn.

"But is empteh!", exclaims Domino.  "Efurryfing is disaPEERrin' arownd heer!"

"Nuttin's gonna stop ME frum nosin' arownd!", declares Domino.

"I sees dere's a seeder bush.  Dis is noo!"

However, where there used to be a lush garden, there's now just dry earth.

"Dis is a case fur Inspectah Domino!  I calls it da "Case of da Missin' Gardin".

"An' wif da red mulchies -- no wondah I feels likes I'm on Mars!"

"Dey has takin a 'hosta' hostage, I see!"

"Undah dis twee dere yoosta be sum luffly gween purrywinkle ..."

"... I remembahs it well!"

"Now dere is just sum dried-up seeder mulchies!  I tells yoo itsa reel crime."

"I'm afraid I'm gonna hasta turn dis wun ovah to da PAWlice!  I has dun da legwork, but dey hasta lay da charges.  Dere's a long list of offences!  I noes I'm certainly offended by dis travesty, so I'm gonna giff da cops all of da evidents dat I fownd."

Later that day the neighbours were charged with vandalism, kidnapping and murder.  They were undeniably the culPURRits responsible for destruction of a garden, holding a hosta against it's will, and killing perfectly healthy plants, flowers and bushes only to replace them with a Martian landscape!

Well done, Domino!
Case closed.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Although they love each other dearly, Dylan and Dante are dis-STINK-tly different.   Dylan takes care of his business very discreetly.  Not so Dante, who likes to make a public show of it.  Of course, being the "Secretary of Fertilization" for the Society of Feline Gardeners has something to do with that -- but truth be told, Dante is a born exhibitionist.

 Dylan was relaxing on the deck bench when he hears a disturbance behind him.

 Dante just dug a butt-sized dePURRession in the earth, which releases a rather musky smell.

 Soon, the scent is intensified as Dante adds to his already pungent pile of backyard doodoo.

Dylan's sensitive nose is assaulted by this freshly-depawsited funkiness.

 Here's a shot of the PURRpetrator in action!

"Uh-oh!  He's in it fur da long haul, if yoo get his drift!", despairs Dylan.

 And drift it does!  "I cud use a powerful wind frum da south", says Dylan "ta get rid of dat whoppin' wind frum da norf".

And just then ... "Oh, fank Cod!", exclaims Dylan in relief.  "Dante's finely finished depawsitin', an' he's buryin' it deep in de erf." Dante considers this his 'buried treasure'.

 "Oops!  Pawdon!", says Dante as he inadfurtently breaks wind one last time.  It adds that final 'musk-have' note to the symphony of smells.

After that last blast has wafted away, Dylan says to Dante, "I'm glad yoo finely cleared de air between us." 

 "I hasta mark dis spot wif an "X" so I kin find it again.  Dat's wot yoo do wif buried treasure", explains Dante.

It just goes to show you that one mancat's funk is another mancat's treasure!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Domino is just relaxing on the deck bench.  It's such a lovely day.  The heatwave is over and cooler temPURRatures prevail.

 For once there's no one else around to bother her, so Domino just stretches out and chills.

Even when Domino isn't wearing one of her pretty dresses, she still has the natural modelling instinct.

She knows just how to display all her assets. 

Here's the toe-and-tummy shot which so many of you crave.  Not only are Domino's toe pads PURRfectly pink, but her tummy is as well.  She's been overgrooming it a bit lately, but it's still entirely kissable.

Domino curls under her front paw for that cozy, yet coy effect!

And here's the entire layout!

Suddenly, an introoder appears!

A very tasty tidbit!

Domino remains calm, cool and collected, but hunkers down to make herself as invisible as PAWsible.

 But finally, the tidbit notices her anyway ...

... and makes its escape!

There's Dante still looking for it -- in the wrong direction, of course!  So the stealthy Tidbit just tiptoes away!

"Bye, bye Tidbit!  Next time I'll TREAT yoo rite, if yoo gets mai drift", says Domino bidding Tidbit farewell.  PAWting is such SWEET sorrow!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Dante and Dylan are obviously 'up' to something this morning.  What, oh what could it be?

WhateFUR it is, it's definitely 'up' for GRRRabs!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Domino is a very busy little ladycat.  Her days are just jam-packed from morning until night.  She  never ceases to amaze me with her various talents and the way she balances all of her activities.  The term 'multi-tasker' just barely covers what Domino does on a daily basis.

Ah, it's a beautiful morning and Domino takes time to appreciate the moment!

Then she PURRforms her morning aBLUtions.  "I much preFURS pink", she says, but BLUE will hasta do!"

After a good wash, Domino does a little exercise.  She begins by climbing the crabapple tree up to the fence.

 Then she does a little fence-walking ...

... and stretching, before starting work.

Here, Domino is reporting for work as our "BBQ Inspector".

It's impawtant to check that the gas is turned off.  Domino does a sniff test just to make sure.

 And after checking out the back of the BBQ, Domino has determined that it's A-OK!

Of course, no inspection would be complete with checking under the hood!

But Domino has elected to be a hood ornament instead.  To be fair, she's been working so hard, she needs a break.

After a little snooze, Domino is fresh as a daisy, and ready for her modelling duties.  Here she is in a cute 'candystriper' outfit.  The fresh pink and white stripes really suit her.

And here's the 'candy' in her 'candystriper' dress!

But nothing is quite as sweet as Domino, herself!

Then when Mama has a dinner party for her furiends that evening, Domino takes over the hostessing duties.

There's never a dull moment when Domino is there to entertain the company!

Once the guests have departed, Domino can finally rest.  She is very, very tired and just about to drift off to sleep.  "Good nite, efurryone!", she says.  "An' doan worry about da bedbugs, cuz i had dem fur a snack aftah dinnah!"

Rest easy, my little multi-tasker -- you deserve it!