Monday, November 30, 2009


It's Monday and the mancats are outside; one on the front porch, and the other on the bench in the sun and the wind.

Dylan likes to roll around on the bricks first. It's a matter of ritual for him -- and I guess it feels good, too.

Dante's sitting nicely on the bench, eyes turned toward the street watching the passers-by. The wind is whipping his floofy coat into fiery little peaks -- sort of like a ginger meringue.

Dylan sniffs tentatively.

Dante shifts to get maximum sun.

Dylan decides to give me a nice mancat pose, just because it's Monday.

And Dante sits still for his close-up.

Dylan finally makes the trek from the porch to the front patio, and once again goes for a roll on the bricks. These ones have been warmed by the sun, so the feel is completely different.

Dante stands to watch his brofur's shenanigans.

Dylan is all curled up right under Dante's feet.

Dante decides to make the first move and greet his brofur by sniffing his neck.

The two have a brief little kiss. They really love each other, you know!

And with a sudden blast of wind, Dylan's off again, this time looking to go back inside. His shorter fur can't withstand the cold like Dante's can.

Meanwhile, Dante makes the best of this Monday morning and continues his sunbath, wind or no.

What have these two mancats taught us today? I think it's that relatives are important and you should always keep in touch, no matter how briefly. Real mancats have their priorities straight.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


For our Sunday post, please go to Dante's blog for "Dante: Sunshine on his Shoulders on Sunday". Just click on Dante's picture to the immediate left of this post to get there.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Here are some nice close-ups of my creamy, dreamy Dylan. Although he is a short-haired cat, his fur is becoming thicker and plusher as winter approaches. It gives him an even softer and creamier appearance.

It's Caturday, and Dylan's just relaxing on the back bench. No rush, just hush!

P.S. We also have another post on Dante's blog today. Just click on Dante's picture at the top left of this post, to get there.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Here's Daddy in the front yard, holding Dante. He's squirming a little bit, but being co-operative for the most part. You can see how big he looks in Daddy's arms.

And immediately after, here's Daddy holding Domino. She squirms quite a lot. Of course, if it's not her idea, she wants nothing to do with it. See how tiny Domino looks in Daddy's arms, especially when you compare it to Dante!

Look at Domino's little toesies. Aren't they sweet?

It's always nice to have a little one-on-one time with Daddy. Of the two of them, Dante is the real Daddy's boy. Domino is a mama's girl.

Daddy has been home more often lately (he used to travel for work every week), and Dante has been busily training him regarding his wishes. Now when Dante makes a certain kind of plaintive meowl (Dante has many different sounds, and each one means something different), Daddy knows that Dante wants him.

So Daddy follows Dante to see if he wants to go out in the back yard. Dante has trained Daddy to watch him eat before he steps outside. Daddy stands there and encourages Dante to eat his food by saying "Good boy, Dante!" over and over while Dante noshes. Dante will lift his head from the bowl to make sure Daddy is still watching. When he's finished, then Dante will go to the back door and allow Daddy to let him out.

Domino has me equally trained when it comes to her demanding mews. They, too, sound rather plaintive now that I think of it. Sort of a high-pitched whine. When I hear this, I know I must pick her up and position her over my shoulder like one might hold a baby. I have to hold her little feet with my left hand, and pet her with the other.

Dante and Domino are very good bean trainers. They have that down pat!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


For our Wordless Wednesday post titled "Eye Love Dante!", please go to Dante's blog. You can get there quickly by clicking on Dante's picture to the immediate left of this post.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It's Tuxy Tuesday and today is all about Domino! I love her determined little walk. She really owns things (herself and everything else)!

Here she is, off to sit on the bench and get a little sun.

A branch has gathered her full attention.

She's got to sniff it really well.

And rub her scent on it as much as possible. (I told you she "owns" things.)

Domino takes a moment for a little reflection, while the sun beats down on her shiny black fur.

Finally, she's had enough and decides it's time to go back inside. She stops to pose for me for a moment before proceeding to her ultimate destination -- the front door.

And here's a cute little video, showing once again, the determination that makes Domino the Determinator. She really is very insistent upon what she wants, and doesn't give up easily.

Even at the end of this video, she is only coming to convince me to open the door for her. Eventually I relented, so you see -- in the end, Domino always gets her way. (Do you hear that Milo?)

Domino is sweet yet determined; soft yet strong. She is black and white; yin and yang. Tuxies have dual aspects after all.

This is the symbol of yin and yang. Does it remind you of anything?

Monday, November 23, 2009


It's Mancat Monday and the mancats are in the back yard just minding their own business, as you can clearly see. In the first couple of pictures, Dylan is totally unaware of the intruder making fun of him behind his back.

Dylan tries his hardest just to ignore the taunting beast.

But the little black devil finally has its way, and gets the attention of not just Dylan, but his brother Dante, as well.

Dante tried his hardest to teach that evil squirrel a lesson, but alas, it escaped to the safety of the fence.

I tell you, these things are relentless! Squirrelly is back again, specifically to tease. The mental torture is unimaginable!

Dante withdraws, but the standoff is not yet at an end.

Dante does his best to ignore the little demon. After all posing is much more impawtant, don't you think? Dante is finally triumphant.

So, another Mancat Monday ends, and Dante and Dylan survive to be tortured again another day. They don't invite this intrusion. It has become a part of their life and they must be strong and pure of heart to withstand the mental cruelty inflicted by these dark and dastardly vermin.

A real mancat is strong of mind and spirit, after all. We hope this story will be an inspiration to all of you out there in dealing with your own purrsonal demons.

Friday, November 20, 2009


The weather has been wonderful here in eastern Ontario -- especially for this late in November. We've had a lot of sunshine, and the kitties are certainly taking advantage of it.

Since there are so many pictures, I'll go light on the verbiage, so you can just drink in the sun along with my darling 3-Ds.

First, here's some Dante Delight!

And here's a dash of the Dashing Dylan!

And finally, the Delectable Domino!

From Dante, Dylan and Domino, we hope we have deLIGHTed you all with our extravagant extravaganza! Wishing you all more sunny days ahead!