Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Here's a fall-themed photo of Domino from October 2012.

She's all hatted up in autumn colours and out on the town.  With that sultry look she has an air of mystery about her that is so intriguing. 

"InTREEged is a word I only uses aftah I bin up in one!" said Domino, clarifying the matter.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


This is a picture of Domino from October 2010, which I dressed up later with all of her accessories.

Domino's position was so unusual that it bears repeating in this post.  Something has obviously caught her eye as she twists herself to keep 'it' in her line of vision.  We will forever wonder what 'it' is.

Also, Domino's fashion sense is unparelleled or (as they say in French) 'non-pareil'.  She was always fashion-forward and never moreso than in this forward-looking PAWSition.  

Domino was no shrinking violet.  In fact, as you can see here, she preferred more upbeat colours.

Yes indeed, this photo is a fitting tribute to a feisty little ladycat who still lives in my heart.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


This weekend is when Canadians celebrate their Thanksgiving.  The official day is on Monday, but lots of folks have their turkey dinner on Sunday.

Here's Dylan in October 2014.  He's on the hunt for turkey and his nose is leading him onward.  Take a gander at that!  No, it's not a goose but a fully stuffed and roasted turkey with all the fixings, just waiting for him to find.

And it's quite serendipitous because according to Dylan's watch, it's TURKEY TIME!

This shot of Domino is from Thanksgiving 2010, and she's all dressed up for the occasion.  Her hat is a knitted pumpkin which is good for keeping her ears warm when it's windy outside.

Domino fancied herself a 'spice girl' so likes to get her fix from pumpkin pie, though truth be told, it's the whipped cream on top that has her a-gobbling.

May the season warm your heart, turkey fill your belly, and pumpkin be your just dessert.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Dylan was on high alert in October 2009 when these pictures were taken.

 "Wot's dat sound?"

 "Itz all around!"

"Itz in de air an' efurryware!"