Saturday, August 29, 2009


Domino has her favourite little spot out by the pine tree which borders our neighbour's yard and our own. This is where she likes to do her bit of business. I think it's just a tinkle, as it wasn't a concerted effort. However, I managed to capture the entire episode, and thought it was seeworthy, so here it is.

Dante isn't the only one who can look elegant while performing nature's calling!

My poor kitties have absolutely NO purrivacy. Domino is mortified. She wants to tell Milo not to look at this one, please.

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Friday, August 28, 2009


Most of my pictures lately have been taken outside in the front yard, so here are some rarer pics of the 3-Ds doing what they do in the back yard -- on deck, on top of the BBQ and roaming through the long grasses (which Daddy hardly efur cuts)!

I also included a picture of our crabapple tree, right beside the deck, which is now very heavily laden with fruit. This is the first time I have ever seen it this way -- I think it was all the rain this summer that made everything become so overgrown and lush. Of course, we don't eat those little apples, but they do make good cat toys, and eventually good squash (if you get my meaning)!

Dante is busy posing (which is inevitable) and Dylan is busy bothering Domino (which is also a given), so Domino escapes to safety at the top of the BBQ. While she has a little snooze, one of those wily squirrels flies by across the top of the fence, barely touching it's feet to wood along the way. Domino -- you should know that when you snooze, you lose -- and this time is no diffurent!

Once Dante has completed his modelling assignment, he takes off into the untamed savannah we call a back yard. This is the signal that it's time to say fare well, sweet PURRinces and PURRincesses -- until next time!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It's been a while since Domino and Milo have been on a date. Last we heard of them, they had a very romantic encounter in Devon, where they toured a local castle and had a romantic candelit dinner alfresco. Their relationship reached new heights in many ways. Since then, Milo has encountered numerous flight delays and cancellations. He was attending his brotherbean's wedding this last weekend, so family duty called.

Now it is Milo's turn again to follow his heart to Ottawa, Ontario (which is the capital city of Canada) where his lady love, Madame Domino Coquenard dwells, and is waiting for him with baited breath (yes, she ate a few minnows -- all the better to entice milord). There's nothing like baited breath to turn on a mancat!

On this visit, Milo and Domino have decided to check into our local castle, which is called "The Chateau Laurier". You will see the first picture of them standing outside it on a bright sunny day. The Chateau is right in the heart of downtown Ottawa, and also backs on the Ottawa River which marks the division between the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

The lovebirds (birds???) stroll down the street outside their Chateau and encounter "The Changing of the Guard" which is a daily tourist attraction during the summer months. All of the guards are dressed in bright red uniforms with Busby hats, very much reminiscent of their British counterparts in London, England. (Canada is still a part of the British Empire after all and loves its colonial traditions.)

Milo and Domino follow the parade down to the Canadian Parliament Buildings, where they watch the rest of the ceremony. Then they notice a Canadian Mountie on his horse, and stop to say hello! The mountie was furiendly, but the horse was even more NEIGHbourly!

The cuddly couple continued their sightseeing by taking a boat ride on the river, so they could see the Parliament Buildings from the other side. What a view it was! They were both very impressed with the Gothic architecture.

As the sun was setting, they came back to stroll along the Rideau Canal, which runs through the city. They can see their Chateau in the background, and head there just in time for dinner in one of the finest restaurants in town!

I won't give specifics about what they did next, but they were exhausted and retired to their room for some canoodling (that's what we Canadians do -- we canoodle!), and ultimately to sleep. Milo was scheduled to leave at dawn the next day.

As a memento of their mini-vacation, they had head shots taken of the two of them, connected by the word "LOVE" written in red. If ever a romance has taken off, this is one of them -- as well as Milo, who took off at last. His boogie-mat is wearing out with all the trans-oceanic voyaging, and he'll need a new one soon.

Farewell dearest Milo! Until we meet again ...

Monday, August 24, 2009


This is our neighbour kitty, Figaro, who I have introduced previously. Lately, he has been visiting on a daily basis, primarily for the snacks that I provide. If I don't have any at hand, he will patiently wait while some are fetched.

Dante has given up chasing Figaro and has just accepted him as part of the daily happenings.

On this occasion, I presented Figaro with some of the gourmet treats that came from Ginger Jasper in England. They are called "Prime Cuts" and are shaped like cuts of roast beef (but are really a chicken and fish combination). My kitties just adore them! Figaro on the other hand, tasted one, and then turned up his nose at the rest. He is very quiet and doesn't make his demands vocally -- he just stares at me with those beautiful yellow eyes of his -- not in a pleading manner, but insistent nonetheless.

Since I didn't run to fetch the more usual Temptations as he would have liked, Figaro moved on to what he hoped was more tasty fare. You guessed it -- the evil squirrel! You can see Figaro on his approach. At first he's looking rather nonchalant, but the part I couldn't capture, was of course, the chase! After staring down the squirrel, Figaro took off in its direction at top speed, and the squirrel narrowly escaped! His appetites being thwarted, Figgy then loped off across the street, back home.

The squirrel stood mockingly, and then decided to move on to its next victim -- you guessed it -- Dante! This squirrel really enjoys the thrill of the chase for its own sake, and if one kitty won't comply, he'll taunt another. But that's another story for another day -- just one more in this neverending saga.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


These are the 3-D entries for the 2010 Nude Calendar Cats of the Cat Blogosphere Contest.

Dylan is having his first picnic of the season in May.
Domino is back to school for September.
Dante is celebrating New Year's in January.

You can vote for them at a later date by going to the Calendar Cats site. I'm sure the CB will announce it. I have posted the Calendar Cats picture and link at the top left of this page so you can go there to take an advance look!

P.S. Dante has his own post on his "All About Lacocoon Dante" blog for Sunday. Just click on his picture to the left of this post to visit him.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


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Friday, August 21, 2009


This is Dylan in the wilds of the front yard. I was intrigued by the light play on his fur. While he doesn't quite sparkle like Dante does in the sunlight, it definitely changes his already pale fur to white wherefur it touches.

I haven't been able to take many pictures of my Dylan mancat lately because he insists on staying out all night and coming home in the wee hours of the morning (then sleeping the rest of the day). He will yowl at the top of his lungs until I get up, grudgingly, to let him in. I never know if he'll be at the front door or the back. His yowl is so loud that I can hear him from anywhere in my two-storey house.

So, I was fortunate enough to capture the beast in the daylight for a change, and the results were rather awesome!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yippee! Our "Paw It Forward" package finally arrived from Ginger Jasper! It took a while to come across the ocean from England, but we were so happy to see it in our mailbox. Ginger Jasper was very generous, especially because we know he had to send PIF packages to lots of other kitties, too!

We got that big blue feather boa with a bell, a green fishing toy, a pink Jitterbug toy (we think it's supposed to be a shrimpie), a package of diffurent-coloured catnip meeses (we loves dem meeses to pieces!), and a whole bunch of treats that we never had before. They are very intriguing because they don't smell the same as our regular Temptations. We loves them a lot! We got some Whiskas with chick-hen and CHEESE, some catnip drops, some Felix Chicken Lickin's and best of all some Bob Martin's Prime Cuts -- they looks like little steaks, but really they are chicken and fish rolled up inside. We loved those the mostest!

Furst of all, Ginger Jasper and his mama sended us a boo-ti-full card with Ginger Jasper's picture on the front -- with him in a green hat. He looks like a leprechaun! We didn't know you were Irish, GJ! You look so handsome in green.

Then we (just Dante and Domino) waited patiently on the carpet because we knew it was something for us! It smelled like it was for us, and we were right! Daddy sprinkled treats, and put our toys all around for us to check out. We couldn't get the cardboard off the toys ourselves, though, and Daddy had to do it for us (Mama was busy taking the pictures). Domino was mostly interested in eating, but she was very attracted to that Jitterbug shrimp -- I think because it's pink and she's a girl.

Dante went nuts over efurrything! He played with the fishing toy, and he sniffed the catnip meeses and he paraded around with the blue feather boa, until he captured it and started to show it who was boss!

Unfurtunately, Dylan was sleeping. He was out all night carousing, and only came home in the morning, so he didn't want to come out right away. But later on in the afternoon, after he had his naps, he joined us out on the front patio and tasted those delicious Prime Cuts (the little steak thingies).

Dylan's favourite toys are dangly ones, so he went bananas over the fishing toy. We thought he would like the blue boa, too, because he's mad for fevvers, but he ranned away when he saw it! Maybe it was the little jingle bell that was attached. He's not used to jingly fevvers.

We all feel very spoiled and happy! We want to thanks Ginger Jasper and his mommy for all the wunnerful toys and treats. We couldn't eat efurrything at once, so we have lots to keep us going for a while. You sure know what kitties like!

So, now it's our turn to "Paw It Forward" to someone else. The first person to leave a comment on our post, and who is willing to participate and "Paw It Forward" to someone else, will be the recipient of their furry own PIF package from the 3-Ds! We can hardly wait to make some other kitties happy, like GJ did fur us!


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