Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Domino loves to sit in the basket chair on the front porch.  You might even call her a basket case.  Ipso facto, these pictures then become a case study in basketude.

Basketude is generally very laid back, though the surroundings may pique one's interest from time to time.

Basketude is basking in your own glory.

And standing (or in this case, sitting) up for what you think is right!

Basketude is knowing when enough has been said.

And when to chill out!

Come to think of it, Basketude is a lot like Tuxitude, and Domino's got that in spades!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Dylan and Dante are both standing on the deck steps, looking this way and that!  There's lots of squirrel action going on around them.  I just thought it was a rather amusing series of shots, which documents their movements (or lack of them) from moment to moment.

Dante is practising for Livestrong Day by the way, and wearing his yellow Kung Fu shirt.

You look this way -- I'll look that way!

Uh-oh!  Dylan hears something.  PURRhaps it's the sound of his helicopter ears.

"We sees yoo -- evil skwirrels!", he shouts.

"Now duz we makes a stand or walk away?"

"Whaddya fink bro -- is it worf da chase?"

"Naw -- wet's jus' stay heer an' giff 'em da eye.  Four eyes is bettah dan wun!"
Dylan and Dante are in sync.  In this case, their team dynamics just aren't very dynamic.  What can I tell ya?  These boys are a couple of deck potatoes.  Some days mancats prefer to be speCATors rather than PURRticipants.  Let's blame it all on hi-def reality TV.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


The 3-Ds are all outside in the glorious fall weather, prowling around the yard, just to see what they can see.

I thought this was a purrfect opportunity to capture them at their best, so here are a few pictures of each of them; Dante, Dylan and Domino.  I give you -- the 3-Ds!

Target's in focus!

Dag nab it!  (If only his name was Dag, he could have nabbed it.)

To whom may I reFUR?  Robert REDFURRED PURRhaps?

You really thought I'd FALL for that?

Time to LEAF!

EYE, EYE, Captain!

You talkin' to me?

Shhhh!  I'm doin' Tai-Chi!

Taking a moment to REFLECT!

And so should you ...


Friday, September 24, 2010


That Dylan is simply relentless!

He knows that Domino is the Queen, but he still tries to usurp her throne.  It's a neverending battle.

Rather than subject herself to further mortification, Domino leaves Dylan to his own devices.

"Why did she go?", asks Dylan.  (Sometimes he's not too bright.)

Domino is simply FURious!  That peasant doesn't know his place.
"I gets my henchmancat to takes care of him", she says.

"You will treets her Majesty wif respeckts -- or else!", says Dante to Dylan.

Sometimes bullies just need to be bullied.

Bully for you, Dante! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Domino is always very happy to do her duty when it comes to modelling, being a hostess, or surveilling her domain.

This past weekend, she donned her 'Diva' dress to entertain company, and decided to do double duty by doing a quick patrol of the immediate area, too.  You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your guests.

First, you show off a little.  Looking good isn't as easy as it seems.

Then you scout the general vicinity for any sign of trouble.

A Tai Chi stretch, here or there, certainly doesn't hurt.  Domino believes wholeheartedly in multi-tasking.

Here's the Diva in the Driveway, preventing a car heist with her daunting presence.  She's always prepared for a red alert, as you can clearly see.

After efurryone went home, Domino changed into something more comfortable and took a well deserved rest on the back deck.

Ah!  That's feels good.  She's happy that her birthday suit is a tux because even when she dresses down she prefers to look rather formal.

There's no satisfaction greater than resting at the end of a hard day's work.

Who knew that a tuxedo could double as a leisure suit?

But that falls purrfectly into Domino's ideal -- efurrything should be multi-PURRpose, including herself.

Rest well, little diva -- you deserve it!

Monday, September 20, 2010


These are the most recent portraits taken of Dylan and Dante in our back yard.  Don't they just ooze mancatliness?

Dauntless Dylan

Lion-hearted Dante

Noble Dylan

Regal Dante

Strapping Dylan

Hunky Dante

Hardy Dylan

Studly Dante

Now, do we have all you ladycats swooning, out there?

Friday, September 17, 2010


I thought today I would just pick some random pictures of my 3-Ds and their furry FURiends.  Each of the photos has something a little interesting about it, but they were never sufficient for a post all on their own.

Domino's in the foreground with neighbour kitty Figaro on the apPURRoach.

Figaro is kept at bay by Dante's imposing presence, while Dylan calmly looks on.

Dante continues to stand in Figgy's way with a look of exasPURRation on his face.

Finally Figaro!  He's PURRsistent if nothing else.
(I gave him some treats but he sniffed them and walked away!  Fussy Figaro!)

Dylan at the reFUReshment stand.

His paws are covering the birdbath kitty's eyes, as he steals the contents of the basin.

It seems that Dylan's chin went for a dip in the birdbath as well.  Ah -- reFUReshing!

Here's our gray squirrel FURiend.  I thought this picture spoke volumes about how nature and technology are in such close juxtaPAWsition, especially in suburbia.

At first I thought our cute little gray squirrel had a bellybutton, until I looked it up on the internet and realized it's something else altogether!  Let's just say it's a PURRivate part.

Here is Domino, calm, cool, determined and in control while on patrol.

Here is Domino calm, cool, and collected while lounging on the bench.  She dominates her environment whereFUR she may be.

Dante is sniffing out the hiding place of our tiny furry FURiend.

He knows it's in there somewhere.  Come out, come out, whereFUR you are!

In FURustration, boredom or PURRhaps simply fatigue, Dante yawns, displaying his magnificent whiskers in the PURRocess.

And here is the tiny beast who escaped to the safety of our neighbour's tree.  I thought the tree itself had such PURResence in this picture, with all its knots and gnarls.

And finally on this Friday, it's a close-up of our little FURiend, Chippie.

Cheers, eFURRYone!