Tuesday, October 25, 2011


No doubt Domino is a beauty.  Two of her best assets are her sparkling emerald eyes.  It makes me think her ancestors must have come from that far off Emerald Isle called Ireland.

We've really pumped up the volume here with suPURR close-ups of the fiery little thing.  Are you ready?  Here goes.

Mrs. Santa Claws

Polka Dots DOMINate!

Simply MARBLEous!


Things are looking up!

Stunned or stunning?

No-nonsense PURRincess!


Daddy's Girl!

Vet's Pet Patient!

Autumn Glory!

 FALLen Angel!

Up against a brick wall!

And then there's that little pink nose ...

In your face!

Proboscis in Profile!

And just like Rudolph, she glows!

Monday, October 24, 2011


You've heard of the 'Backstreet Boys', haven't you?  Well, they may have made a comeback of sorts but it's hard to beat those up-and-comers, the 'Backyard Boys'.

Let me introduce them.

First on deck is Lacocoon Dante, a Maine Coon red tabby with a myriad of howls and yowls.  He can make the minutest mews or the most unearthly bellow, and every interval in-between.   He rarely carries the melody, but provides a rich background of sound for his partner.

Well, howdy partner!  This is creamy-dreamy Dylan, the other half of the 'Backyard Boys'.  While his vocal range isn't as extreme as Dante's, he can definitely carry a tuna.  It is piercing enough to be heard over even the most vociferous of wails.

They decided on the name the 'Backyard Boys' because this is where they met.

At first, there was some animosity.

But then a growing common interest ...

... really brought them together.

And now they have a wailin' good time!

Coming soon to a venue near you!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Here is Domino all cozy in her basket chair on the front porch.  She sure makes a pretty picture all curled up and tucked under.

 The comfy cushion is a PURRfect foil for her colours.  You can see her little pink paw pads on her back foot just peeking out at you.

 "Pink-a-boo", she says.  "I see yoo!"

 So, I honed in even more to get a close-up of her pretty pinkies -- just for you toe enthusiasts.

"Dere's nuttin' like bein' 'in the pink' to make yoo feel relaxed an' happeh", says she.

"I wish da same fur efurryone.  October is da time to 'Think Pink' for dose who is battling breast cancer.  Let's all put our pinkies togedder an' 'Think Pink' to conquer dis awful disease! 

Powah to da Pink, peeple!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Dylan and Dante went head-to-head and sometimes even toe-to-toe today.  There was absolutely no wrassling involved.  Instead it was a Mancat Modelling Showdown!  If you got it -- flaunt it!

Dylan looks northward.

Dante takes a more southerly purrspective.

Dylan does a profile with a twist.

Dante does a profile straight on.

 Dylan turns toward the sun.

Dante catches some of it (the sun, that is).

 Dylan shows his toes.

Dante shows off his tufty toes. 
"Tuft to beat, huh?", asks Dante.

 "Hey bro, what's up?" asks Dante.

 "I fink yoor tryin' ta steal my thundah", replies Dylan from down undah.

 "Honestly, dude, I wuz jus' showing my stuff.  No offence intended", says Dante magnanimously.

"Well, my stuff is jus' as good as yoor stuff", retorts Dylan as he walks away with his tail held high.
"I saloots yoo, bro!", says Dante as he gives his brother a salutory raspberry.
All I can say is -- at least he didn't fart!

Friday, October 14, 2011


There has been so much controversy lately about TLC's show "Toddlers and Tiaras".  So, I thought we would shift the focus to where it should really be -- on cats!

Cats are the kings, and queens, of pageantry.

Witness the King of the Beasts, himself, wearing his royal robes and crested with a crown befitting his status in the natural order.  Dante is the true essence of pageantry.

 Next, comes Domino, not looking unlike many of those toddlers in tiaras, herself.  She's wearing her best 'beauty' dress, though her true beauty is within.  Her tiara is just a reflection of that inner sparkle!

And then there's Dylan.  Poor Dylan!   Pageants shouldn't be used to over-sexualize your cats.  It's so PURRverse to make your cat wear a crown with their bikini.  This isn't a freak show, you know!

Come to think of it, cats don't need crowns either.  They have already been blessed with natural beauty that needs no accessorizing.  Their gorgeous and genuine fur coats are all the apparel they require.  Like humans, their own hair is their crowning glory.

Ah!  That's better!

Note:  No cats were harmed in the making of this post.