Thursday, December 12, 2013


Dylan has always admired Santa's reindeer's ability to fly.  He wrote to Santa telling him about his lifelong dream that he could join the reindeer herd on Christmas Eve when they make their epic flight around the world.

To Dylan's surprise, he opened the front door earlier this week, and there stood Rudolph!

"Hi Dylan.  I'm here to teach you how to fly!"

So, Rudolph strapped Dylan into his reins and bells, gave him instructions on how to begin, and supervised his PURRogress very closely.

"You've just got to let go!", exclaimed Rudolph.  "No holding on with your toenails."

Several hours later Dylan had 'nailed it' (without using his toenails).  Rudolph had helped him to make some adjustments.  Changing his antlers to a sleeker design made him more aerodynamic.

And with Rudolph's encouragement, Dylan gained confidence.  You see, in order to fly, you must first believe that it's PAWSible.  Of course, a sprinkle of magic reindeer dust doesn't hurt either.

"You've done it my boy!" shouted Rudolph in glee.  "Welcome to the herd."

"Dat's da best fing I herd inna long time!", said Dylan.  "Fank yoo, Rudolph for teachin' me how ta fly."

So on Christmas Eve when you look up in the sky, there will be Santa with his eight tiny reindeer, and one big hunk of a cat in the lead!

"Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work we go, go, go!"