Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Dante and Domino are all dressed up in their Santa's HelPURRS outfits and are ready and waiting at the front door for Santa to arrive.

 "We noes Santa has a long way to come, but dis is ridickulus!", says Domino.

 "We bin waitin' so long we're startin' ta fade away!"

 They took a seat to continue their Santa vigil.

 "At leest wun of us needs to keep an eye out at all times",  says Domino.

 "Well, yoo keep yoor eye out", says Dante.  "I wanna keep mine IN!"

 Domino is getting a little restless.  "I needs ta stretch", says she.

Then suddenly up on the roof they heard such a clatter!

"Yoo stay heer", says Domino.  "I'm gonna see wot's da mattah!"
"OK, bettah yoo dan me", says Dante who is content to stay right where he is.

Why it was Santa and two of his reindeer doing a Christmas jig!

When Santa finally spotted Domino and Dante all he could say was ...

"Hey you two -- get JIGGY with it!"

Domino needed a moment to get her eye back in place, but ...

... Dante hopped right to it!