Monday, October 26, 2015


Dante is having a ball rustling around in the fallen leaves.  He's got his burgundy fedora on so those leaves don't fall on his head, and a matching bowtie just for fashion's sake.

The leaves are late leaving the trees this year due to global warming, and he can hardly wait until the rest come tumbling down.  You need lots and lots to have a really good rustle!

Dylan's looking fabulous in his sage-coloured fedora with tan band, and a coordinating bowtie in greens and browns.  He's also picked out a similarly-toned watch so he can time how long it takes a leaf to fall from the tree to his pile on the ground.

Even though he really likes to get dressed up, for true 'releaf' you have to get naked and really immerse yourself in the subject!

Domino is looking very classy -- and classic in her amber wide-brimmed hat with braided band.  She is wearing a very fetching scarf which coordinates purrfectly with it, and is carrying a gold, brown and orange clutch which blends in nicely with the fallen leaves.

Domino and Dylan are like-minded in that they like to get down and dirty when they're 'au naturel'.  You have to enjoy fall to the max while it's here!  It won't be long before we have to 'leaf' it behind for the cold white stuff.