Friday, October 2, 2015


Today the 3-Ds are 'literally' wearing the hats of famous fictional detectives.

Dante is the legendary Sherlock Holmes with his tweed cap, bowtie (with bowtie pattern) and wooden pipe. He's on watch for anything untoward and uses his pipe to create a smokescreen for his undercover explorations.  His senses are finely honed so there's not much he does not PURRceive.  

Especially with those high-powered binoculars of his!

Dylan is the world-renowned moustachioed detective Hercule PURRot.  He is sporting a jaunty black and tan checked fedora and the obligatory bowtie.  With his monocle he keeps a sharp eye out for all things nefarious, whether it be day ...

... or it be night!

And sweet little Domino is the diminutive 'Miss Marple' (Agatha Christie's famous snoopPURR) in her brown felt and feathered cloche hat and matching bow.  She's at your door and has brought her valise, so you better let her in -- especially if you want your mystery solved!

 Here's Miss Marple hard at work doing what she does best, i.e., snooping!
  Nothing is PURRivate when Miss Marple's around.