Saturday, December 13, 2014


The 3-Ds are getting ready for Santa.  They are showing their solidarity with him by wearing Santa-style hats.

Dante's in a gold Santa cap which coordinates well with his Christmas sweater.  "It duz make me a liddle hot, doe", says he.  "My sweatah, dat is."

So madcap that he is (now in red), he goes out to cool off in the snow and runs into a stranger in the neighpurrhood.  He stops to make his acquaintance, but the stranger is strangely silent.

Dylan's looking rather blue in his Santa cap and matching scarf, although his mood is light and merry.
He's an inveterate bird-watcher -- winter, spring, summer and fall -- he watches them all.  He's quite the voyeur, that boy!.

And on Dylan's watch is this little group of birdies, singin' the Christmas blues whilst hanging out their stockings for Santa.

Domino is wearing her red Santa cap which matches her new Christmas frock.  She's all lit up at the thought of Santa filling her stocking.  She just hopes he's got the latest updates to her Christmas list.

"We're reddy fur ya, Santa!", the 3-Ds chime in unison.