Thursday, December 18, 2014


Dylan just loves the Christmas tree.

Every year after we have put on the lights, he will sit beside it and bask in the glow.

This is from a couple of Christmases ago.  The tree was up and the lights were on, but it was not yet decorated.  Little difference did it make to Dylan who was fascinated by the light display.

This picture was from last year when the tree was fully decorated.  Dylan was once again front and center reflecting on its incandescence.

But just when Dylan thought it couldn't get any better, we put all of the Christmas gifts under the tree.

"Furget da tree, furget da lites", says he.  "Now dis is sumfin I kin REELY get into!"

Dylan has decided that Christmas presents are what it's all about.  They're all wrapped up and mysterious.  You just never know what might be inside.  And once they're open you can play with the wrapping paper, the bows and rustle around in the tissue paper inside the bags.

So from now on he has vowed to come back every year (sporting seasonal attire and wrapped in a bow) as the "Ghost of Christmas Present"!  

When he's around the essence of Christmas is very present indeed.