Monday, December 8, 2014


The 3-Ds are getting all excited about Christmas, so they wanted to try on their outfits ahead of time.  Of course, since this is only a dress rehearsal, they aren't completely 'decked out' yet.  They just want to make sure things are fitting for the special day.

Dante's wearing his Santa coat, but is looking at me suspiciously.  "Pleeze jus' doan make me ware da hat!!!", begs he.

Not to worry -- ears to ya, buddy!

Dylan doesn't usually deign to wear clothes of any sort, but has consented to a red scarf with green pom pom this year.  "As long as it's loose an' I kin get a riggle on, is fine wif me", he declares.  Knowing him, he'll wriggle right out of it sometime very soon.

Domino is very poised as a ladycat in red.  "I likes ta imPURRsonate Missus Claws", says she.  Is wun of my best gigs all year!"

"Keep an eye owt!  Chrismuss will be heer verreh soon."