Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Dylan is pretty as a picture in today's post.  And he must be taking some modelling tips from Domino because his poses are sheer PURRfection.

 "Domino did teech me how ta be a bushwackah", says he.  "Yoo yooses yoor tail an' wacks it back an' forf reel fast."

Now I know why there are leaves strewn everywhere.

 "I'm keepin' an eye out for anywun who mite wanna take my hosta hostage.  Hosta-napping is a crime, yoo noe."

 "I tries ta be as straitforward as pawsible", says Dylan.  "Butt sumtimes my back end duzn't noe wot my front end is doin'!"

 "I reely duzn't has any arch enemehs.  I luvs all arches eekwally!"

 "Fur anywun who says I duzn't has anyfing between my eers -- I begs ta diffur!"

"Yoo hasta take a good look if yoo wants ta be good-looking."

"An besides, yoo nevah noes wot yoo mite see!"