Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Domino always looks very thoughtful, but it's very difficult to actually guess what she's thinking.  So let's listen in inside her head.  Here she is out on the front porch.

   "It's a bootiful day but unporchunately Mama's at it again!"

"Doan boddah me wilst I'm doin' my bench PURRess, pleeze -- yoor breakin' my concentrashun!"

 "Back off muddah @*%&#*!"

(I'm translating here because I'm sure she meant to say 'mother dear'.)

"I guess I hasta has a meltdown fur Mama to get da message!"

Don't worry, Domino -- I heard you loud and clear.   Sigh!  I'll just have to rezoom my photoshoot another day.