Thursday, February 20, 2014


These photos have kind of a dream quality to them.  I think it's due to the soft colours which have quite a calming effect.

Dylan, himself, seems to be quite relaxed which is unusual in itself. 

 Checking old scent markings must have left him feeling self-assured.

 Taking cover under the bay window also gives him a sense of security.

 Especially once his nose has checked it out first.

 Today, his nose knows no bounds!

And topping up the scent on the porch chair certainly doesn't hurt, either.

 All is well ...

 ... for a spell!

 So, Dylan enjoys a true moment of relaxation.  Exposing his belly means, for once, he isn't feeling vulnerable.

 Heaven knows there are unknown dangers out there.

But for now, at least, efurrything is 'up to snuff'.

Dylan knows only too well, because he's the one who snuffed it.

For now he can just kick back, dream about warmer weather and enjoy a good massage.  No worries, mate!