Friday, January 24, 2014


Dylan is outside and is seriously considering leaving the safety of the front porch.

 "Hmmm", he says.  "I hasta considah da risk-ta-reward ratio."

 Obviously the risk couldn't have been too great because Dylan has taken a leap of faith over to the bench.

 "Dey says yoo shud nevah look back, but how else are yoo gonna see wot's behine yoo?"

Dylan is clearly 'on the edge'.

 "Wen yoo walks da plank ...

 ... yoo hasta be reddy ...

 ... reddy, set ...

... ta dive rite in ... GO!

"Next time I'm gonna use a calculatah before I takes a risk", says Dylan.  "Uddahwise I is my own wurst enemeh."

"I'mma regulah weapon of math destruckshun!"