Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Domino is the ruler of the house and she is also the drooler of the house.  It seems these two things are intertwined -- at least to Domino.

Give her some loving and she begins to salivate copiously, as Dada realized the other day.  Usually she saves most of her drool for me.  I guess that's one of her own rules as it PURRtains to drool.

Drool is best when you swing it around so drops land here and there.  Who needs a moisturizer when you've got Domino?

"I allways follows my own drools", says Domino.  I'm not a drool-breakah like sum uddahs I will NOT menshun."

If you don't know about all of Domino's Drools, you best read about them in "The Drool Book", otherwise you might just get it thrown at you.  Be sure to wear rubber gloves, though, or your hands might slip off the cover.  And if you drop it you only have 5 seconds to pick it up.  Domino's Drools!