Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Domino was outside on one of the warmer days recently enjoying the sun which was beating down on her coat of black.

However, when she finally looked around, she realized that she was stranded on the bench where she had been sunbathing.

 "Uh-oh!  How am I gonna get back home?" she asked.

 Efurrywhere she looked there was a blanket of white, and she knew that blanket wasn't heated!

 Her tail began to twitch as she wondered what to do.

 "I guess dere's no uddah way dan to jump rite in", she realizes.

 "Ooooooh!  Is cold on da tootsies!"

 Fortunately, there was another bench just steps away.
"That was so brrrrrrrave of you, Domino!"

But soon she realized she was stranded again.
"I'd wing it if I cud fly", she said, "but I cant."

What a dilemma!  What's a girl to do?

"Mama!  Mama!  Come an' get me", she cried.

So I did.