Friday, January 17, 2014


It's not often that you find the 3-Ds in close PURRoximity, but this week I did!

And this is what happened ...

 Dante and Dylan are already on the porch when Domino comes out the front door.  She greets them with a 'hisssssssss' in order to keep them in line.

 Then Dylan whisPURRs in Dante's ear so Domino cannot hear.
"I'm gonna fake her out!", says he.  "Yoo keep her distracked."

 Why it's a regular consPURRacy!

 Domino looks the other way while Dylan takes his leave.  Poor Dante is in the middle.  Where do his loyalties truly lie?

 As Dante stands steadfast, not saying a word, Domino makes sure that Dylan is not still lurking about.
"He wuz heer, but now he's not", says Domino thankfully.

 Meanwhile, Dylan is biding his time not far away.

 While Domino is otherwise occupied, Dante checks behind him only to see ...

 ... Dylan making his way back to the porch ...

 ... so he can stick his nose up Domino's butt.
"Get away dis minit!" shrieks Domino.  "Yoor much too nosy fur me."

 Domino leaps up on the chair to escape the indignity of Dylan's probosKISS.
"I wuz only tryin' ta KISS yoor butt", says he.  "I tot yoo wood like dat, yoor highness."

Domino makes herself very clear that Dylan is PURRSona non grata as far as she is concerned.
"Get outta heer -- yoor HISSSSSStory!", hisses she.

With Domino now safely ensconced on her throne, Dylan decides to 'serf' the neighPURRhood and leave well enough alone.

All Dante can say is .... "Sheesh!"

And that is why you don't often see Dante, Dylan and Domino together all at once.
Domino is the Drama Queen,
Dylan is the PURRovocateur,
and Dante is the monkey in the middle.