Sunday, January 26, 2014


Somewhat like "The Lady Vanishes", a film about a young lady who disappears on a train, Domino is plotting her own vanishing act.

Dylan is always hovering about, and sooner or later you know he's gonna do something stupid!

 Domino doesn't even have to look to know that Dylan is behind her.  She can hear his heavy breathing.

"Dat darn brofur of mine is verreh nosy!", says she.   "O well, at leest he's not a mouf breathah."

 Domino knows she can't completely ignore him, so she keeps watch with the eyes in the back of her head.

"Cats has 20/100 vishun, yoo know", says Domino.  "We kin even see around cornahs."

 "We kin see fings wifout even lookin' at 'em."

"Our PURRiFURal vishun is outstanding!"

 "Butt when yoo starts ta ackshully smell 'em, it's time to evaPURRate."

"Duh!  Which way did she go????"

It's all a matter of Miss Direction!