Friday, February 26, 2016


The 3-Ds have taken their winter fashion to new heights, i.e., each of them is sitting on a bench while posing in their hats and scarves, instead of only being at ground level.  They have truly elevated themselves, don't you think?

Dante is wearing an orange, gray, and beige plaid trappurr's hat with the ear flaps up.  He has found a warm dark gray woollen neckwarmer that pairs quite well with it.

Dante is surrounded by evergreens, and with them the inevitable pine cones.

"Wen it snows da site is kwite incompurrable", opines he.

Dylan's wearing a warm wool winter toque in greens and black, along with a multi-coloured neckwarmer which really keeps the chill away from that throat of his.  He's had a bit of a cold lately, so this is quite impawtant.

Dylan is pining for his fiance, Halle and even the birds seem to be sympathetic.  Dylan finds the sparkling snow very romantic which only deepens his yearning.

"Dis pinecone is a symbol of my love fur yoo, Halle!" says Dylan while continuing to pine away.

Domino is on the back deck, all decked out in royal blue.  Since she fancies herself as royalty, she is quite thrilled with this choice of colour.  Her hat is a wool pillbox style complete with pearl brooch adornment, and she is wearing a coordinating handknit scarf.

Domino simply adores the smell of the pine trees.  She never has a chance to pine for them because they are right in her own back yard.

"Who needs purrfume wen yoo has nachur at yoor doorstep!" says she.


da tabbies o trout towne said...

guys...ewe R all rockin yur hatz & scarvez !!!! everee one looks grate & we bet ya canna wait ta try out sum spring time a pare all !!

heerz two a peppered corydoras kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

Brian said...

Dang, y'all sure do look sharp! Keep warm sweet friends!