Thursday, February 18, 2016


The 3-Ds are outdoors again even though the weather has turned quite cold.  They're all about fresh air.  Luckily they dress warmly enough so they can actually enjoy the experience.

Dante's in a red and black plaid trappurr's hat with coordinating black plaid wool scarf.  Because of the dip in the temPURRature, he's even wearing tan coloured, fleece-lined Uggs on his feet, and cute tiger mittens on his front paws.

One thing he always looks forward to seeing outdoors is the winter wildlife.  In this case the vibrant cardinal can't help but catch his attention.

Dante wishes he could catch one so he can observe it up-close and PURRSonal.
I, on the other paw, hope he can't!

Dylan's out in the cold and ice with his head covered in a warm gray wool knitted hat with mouse ears.  He has a matching wool scarf fastened with a cat and mouse pin.  On his front paws he has mousie mittens with matching sock boots on his back feet.

Dylan just adores playing cat and mouse; so much so that he carries one (a mouse, that is) around in his hat when he's outdoors.

However, for Dylan, the real fun starts once he's home again and the hat comes off.

"Let da games begin!" shouts he in glee.

Even though the weather is bleak, Domino brightens up the scenery in her purple wool newsgirl cap with matching mitts and socks.  She's wearing a warm blue and mauve knit scarf around her neck for extra-added warmth.

Domino likes to meet up with her rabbit furiends when she's on an outing.  They seem a little disturbed by the weather, especially the one in the pot.  Domino has brought a couple of hats from her collection for each of them to wear.

The little tan bunny is cozier now in his fleece leopard hat, and the little tuxy rabbit seems to be enjoying her knit black and white penguin toppurr.  It really goes with her complexion, after all.

This tiny bunny is still blue, however, because Domino forgot to bring her a hat.
Don't worry little one, Domino's got lots more where that came from.

Look -- she's got a sherPAW hat just fur you!


Brian said...

Y'all always look terrific in your hats, and you know I love hats!

pilch92 said...

I love your outfits- those Uggs are too cute.