Sunday, February 14, 2016


It's Valentine's Day, and for the 3-Ds that means getting together with their signifiCAT others!

Dante is dressed as a southern dandy in his ivory and taupe top hat.  He has paired this with a brown, rust and yellow bowtie with an orange and white heart pinned at its centre.

The beautiful ladycat is Dante's fiance, Sascha, who is wearing a gorgeous apricot Sinamay hat.  This, and her stunning necklace, complement her colouring PURRfectly.

Sascha, who hails from South Carolina, is a true southern belle.  And indeed Dante's intentions are to ring that bell, as many times as pawsible this Valentine's Day!

To begin with he has created this romantic Valentine cardm (above) for Sascha that expresses the lengths and depths of his love for her.

Here Sascha displays her natural beauty in a recent photo which she has turned into a Valentine for her beloved fiance, Dante.

What a handsome and romantic couple they make!

 Dylan, too, is dressed as a southern gent in his black leather top hat bearing a winged heart.  His bowtie leaves no doubt as to the occasion.  He is also packing an archer's bow and seems to have landed his arrow in his beloved's hat!

Dylan is visiting his finance, Halle, in Louisiana.  He has created this remarkable Valentine for her.  Halle is wearing a red heart-shaped fascinator hat which has been pierced by Dylan's love.  (All I can say is, it's a good thing she wore that hat high up on her head!)

On her part, Halle has created this fantastic photo album as her Valentine for Dylan (see below).

The album contains pictures from some of their most romantic dates.  They really enjoy getting out and about together as you can see!

I wonder what romantic interlude awaits them tonight.

Domino, too, is having a Valentine rendez-vous with her longtime beau, Milo who lives in The Cotswolds in England.

As they are both tuxedo cats, they have coordinated their Valentine's fashion to complement their native black and white.  Domino is wearing a black and white dress with a tule skirt, topped with a beautiful white floral hat with black accents.  She also has a sterling silver heart necklace around her dainty neck, befitting the occasion.

Milo is sporting a white fedora with black band and an abstract black and white bowtie with a red heart inset in the middle.

Milo has a surprise outing planned for Domino tonight, so for now it's a secret.  So hush!

Domino made this special Valentine for Milo which leaves no doubt about her FURvent feelings for him.

Have a great time with your loved ones today, efurryone!


Summer said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Brian said...

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Dang Dante, my email ate your beautiful Valentine Card for Sascha. I just showed it to her and she is thrilled. She asked me to share it tomorrow so the whole world can see it!

pilch92 said...

Beautiful photos and cards. Happy Valentine's Day!