Thursday, January 28, 2016


The 3-Ds have each been outside doing their favourite winter sport.  While they were active they were purrfectly warm, but afterwards they required some extra layers.

Here is Dante in his orange and brown plaid trappurr hat with charcoal wool lining.  He is also wearing a knit neckwarmer in dark gray to keep his uppurr respiratory tract warm.

Dante has just come back from a day of ...

... ice fishing!

Dylan is sporting a stylish 'skull' cap which in this case is a black knit beanie adorned with a skull and crossbones in pale gray.  He is also wearing a black and tan striped scarf to keep the chill away.

Dylan has just returned from a day of  ...

... downhill skiing!

Domino is icily delicious in this knit set of green crocheted toque and neckwarmer which is adorned with small snowflake-shaped ornaments.

She got her first hat and scarf of the day all wet while engaging in her favourite sport which is ...

...  making snow angels.  She's a little angel herself so she's got that one down pat!

Normally I'd say 'hats off ' to them, but these days it's definitely 'hats ON'!

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Brian's Home Blog said...

Y'all really do look right fancy!