Thursday, December 31, 2015


Each of the 3-Ds is hosting New Year's Eve at our house and each has one special guest to help them ring in the New Year.

Dante and his fiance, Sascha, will be together tonight as the clock strikes twelve.  They are all dressed up in their shiny, silvery best, and you can be sure that their midnight kiss will be full of love and passion.  They are such a handsome couple!

Fireworks have absolutely nothing on these two!

 Dylan and his fiance, Halle, are deep into the bubbly.  Dylan is smacking his lips at the thought of laying one on Halle come midnight.  Gosh, she is beautiful, especially in her gold New Year's hat and gold and black lion necklace!  Dylan is sporting a black and gold New Year's hat and a coordinating bowtie.  How swish!

These two simply explode with the New Year's sentiment!

Domino and her longtime beau, Milo, are dressed in matching fuschia New Year's hats.  Milo has chosen a matching bowtie, and Domino a coordinating necklace of five-strands of pearls.  Domino is checking to make sure Milo's up to snuff, which he definitely is -- handsome boy, he is, he is.

They are heavily into the cat champagne and watching the clock.  They are looking forward to a romantic embrace on the stroke of midnight, one that will speak of their deep and abiding love.

For Domino and Milo, the New Year's definitely gonna start off with a bang!

And for all of you, too, we hope that the year that you ring in tonight will bring you good health, good fortune and new and positive experiences.  Here's to 2016!!!


Brian's Home Blog said...

Everyone sure looks wonderful! Sister Sascha is so very excited to get to spend time with her handsome Mancat. Happy New Year sweet friends!

Marg said...

A very Happy New Year to all of you. You are all looking good with all your beaus and girl friends.

Katie Isabella said...

Dante, I saw the picture with Sister Sascha on Brian's Home andI must tell you that it was absolutely wonderful seeing you again. I have missed you so much! You are as handsome as ever and a joy to see and read about. You certainly have a beautiful Lady Cat in Sascha.

I love seeing all the kitties dressed up in their cars and enjoying the pre New Years celebrations.

Lots of Love!

Katiez Furry Mewz said...

Loverly graphics to ring in the Mew Year! Concats to all the couples shown! Purrz from the Katie Katz.