Friday, June 19, 2015


Today we are featuring brofurs Dante and Dylan who have a very special bond indeed.  They keep close track of each other wherever they may be.

Even though they aren't brothers from the same mother, it doesn't diminish their mutual feline for one another.

Witness ...

 "Today we are on deck -- reddy an' willin' to watch out fur each uddah", says Dylan.

 "Furst, I looks out fur him."

 "I puts on my sensors so I kin alert him at a moment's notice."

"Dante noes he kin relax an' have a nap whilst I'm on guard." 

 "An' aftah da PAWS dat refreshus, I lets Dylan stand down", says Dante.

 "I has his back an' he has mine!" they both say in unison.

 "I am my brofur's keePURR" asserts Dante.  "As a keePURR, yoo jus' keep on keepin' on -- furever!"

"An' da keepin' is MEWtual" affirms Dylan. 

 "Dat's why it works!"