Monday, June 22, 2015


The 3-Ds are celebrating the official start of summer by wearing -- what else? -- hats!

 Here is Domino in a sheer black number with fuschia flowers aplenty arranged artfully on the brim.  She has coordinated it with a bright and breezy summer scarf in matching tones.

Birds of every feather have come from far and near to cheer on her fashion choices!

 Dylan feels plum lucky turned out in his plum-pigmented cap and plum-pinstriped bowtie.  He's looking forward to plum season which is still at least a month away.

Until then, he and his butterfly besties are just going to hang out and plan what to make with all of those fresh, plump plums once they've arrived.

They're certifiably crazy -- plum crazy, that is!

Dante, good sport that he is, is sporting a gray braided fisherman's cap and similarly-hued bowtie replete with flying pigs.

When asked if he thought he'd be catching any fish today, he simply responded:  "Wen pigs fly!"

I guess that would be a "Yes", then.

Get out your fishin' net, Dante!