Saturday, June 13, 2015


The 3-Ds are quite the fashion icons.  They think hats are the ultimate accessory.

Dante is pretty in black and pink with his amazing embroidered flatcap and garden-inspired bowtie. His lepidoptera fans are even fooled by it, as one of them has alighted in the middle of the bowtie thinking it's some sort of bloom.

"Pawt of bein' a fashun Icon is takin' risks", declares Dante.  "If Icon do it, so con yoo!"

Dylan's looking quite handsome in his striped orange straw fedora with dotted band.  He has chosen a similarly-hued bowtie to pair with it.  The rustic orange seems to have attracted some bees.

Dylan, like Austin Powers, just hopes they will BEEhave!

Domino is stunning in her white and teal hat with feathered band.  She has selected a gorgeous silver and teal-toned filigree heart necklace to coordinate with it.  (Biggify to see it in detail.)

She has been known to be quite the dragon ladycat, which is PURRhaps why she attracts dragonflies. Or maybe they just think she can provide them with some CATmouflage!   "Mee-ow!!"