Sunday, June 28, 2015


The 3-Ds are really enjoying their summer so far.

 Domino has really wigged out in her white-and-peach flowered fascinator.  Her outfit has a distinctly Oriental flair to it, which is accented by her vividly-hued and multi-stranded pearl necklace.

My, how she has blossomed!!!

Dylan, on the other paw, has gone all goofy.  He thought he'd wear his green and orange monster hat with the single eye (and green and orange paisley tie) to hypnotize that parrot into submission. Unfortunately though, the spiders are attracted to the sweat on his brow.  Wearing a wool hat in summer is generally not advisable for more reasons than one!

The parrot, though, maintains its cool and is entirely unimpressed!  In fact, he's telling Dylan where to go!

And finally, Dante is looking uber-handsome in his beige straw fedora with orange-striped band.  He found his brightest bowtie to wear today to spend the day gardening.  He wants to try to CATmouflage himself, so as not to disturb any of the tiny critters milling about.

I think you'll agree that both Dante, and his garden, are bloomin' fabulous indeed!