Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Although Dylan is classified as a 'cream tabby', I think his colour is closer to taupe.  His fur is too dark to simply be called 'cream', and doesn't have the sandy tones of 'tan'.  There is the all-PURRpose 'beige', of course, but Dylan's coat has a slightly pinkish (or dilute red) undertone to it, that really puts it 'over the taupe'.

 From a distance, Dylan appears like he is a solid colour, but if you look up close you can see his slightly darker tabby stripes.

 Dylan is 'taupe man' of the house, even though Dante rules over him.

 "At leest I'm not a carrot-top like he is!", says Dylan.

 Dylan has an advantage because he is always 'on taupe of things'!

And his favourite evening dress is -- of course -- 'taupe hat and tails'!

Cattails, that is!