Monday, November 18, 2013


Dante and Dylan are both wearing their winter hats and scarves today.  Even though there's no snow yet, it's still mighty nippy out there.

Dante does designer in an 'Anthony Peto Jaguar Print Bigfoot' hat and a wool gray and rust Louis Vuitton scarf.  He's quite cozy sitting on the padded chair on the front porch.

"I cant help bein' fashun conshus", remarks Dante.  "I likes ta be coordinatid!"

Dylan isn't so concerned with fashion as he is with fighting off the cold.  He's got on a red faux-fur cap with ear flaps, an amber wool scarf and black and blue booties for his feet.  Who cares if nothing matches?

"Now all I needs is sumfin ta keeps my butt warm!", says he.

Be PURRepared, like Dante and Dylan -- winter is just around the corner!