Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Domino is the consummate hostess, as you may have seen before.  It's been quite some time since I posted pictures of one of her parties, though.

This is Domino in her new hostess dress.

It's a sparkly little number with a silver skirt and an overlay of black and silver rosettes.  The bodice is black velvet and there are silver sequins at the waist and the neck.  Very classy is Domino!  But hark, she hears the doorbell ring ...

And it's the guest of honour!  It's Auntie Susan and it's her birthday!  Auntie Susan is Mom's best friend and neighbour from across the street.  She loves the cats, and always brings them something when she comes for dinner.  This time she brought them a toy and two packets of treats to share!  Yum!

Next to arrive is Val, who likes to make a big entrance (just look at that smile!), closely followed by ...

... Renate.  Both Val and Renate are cat people, too!  Val has her Buttercup and Renate has her Dolly. 

It isn't long before the coffee table fills up with birthday gifts, the guests fill up with wine, and Domino settles down on Renate's lap.

 Domino doesn't mind 'flashy' as long as it's not in her eyes.  Her outfit's rather flashy, don't you think?  And she's become quite attached to Renate (literally).  Ouch!

Aha!  Caught you with your eyes part open there, Domino! 

So now it's time to open the gifts, and Domino must supervise the process so it doesn't get out of hand (or paw, as the case maybe).  Auntie Susan has just opened a beautiful gift from Val.  Of course that was followed by something equally lovely from Renate, and me, of course.

The funniest thing was that Susan got two birthday cards with Marie Antoinette on them!  Coincidence?  PURRhaps.  But Susan is well known for her penchant for all things Parisienne.  Val made a birthday card with an avatar of Susan on it, Renate gave her a card with a kitty in a Marie Antoinette wig, and Mama gave her a card with Marie Antoinette and the Eiffel Tower on the front, and she wrote her a birthday poem (like she does every year).  Here is just part of it:

Susan is just like Marie Antoinette
Even though, of course, they’ve never met
When looking at people who’ve gathered around
They’ve both said the same thing, which is quite profound

Whether in Paris or here in Orleans
The pronouncement is certainly that of a Queen’s
For those who are hungry and aren’t into steak
By every means possible “Let them eat cake!”

Cake is good when you’re feeling quite crumby
Or you’re just in the mood for something real yummy
You can have it in layers or by the cup
Iced, glazed or dusted, you’ll eat it right up!

But when it comes to Susan’s birth day
Do you think she wants cake, tell me what did she say?
“Cake is OK, but I’m really more fonda
That chocolate desert that you call a fondant!”
“It’s rich and warm and gooey inside
Much nicer than any cake I’ve ever tried” ...

 Domino interrupts the card reading to announce that: "Dinnah is reddy!"

Domino escorts all of the guests into the dining room, where the table is set with a lovely flower arrangement in honour of Auntie Susan's birthday.  The ladies are all drinking some of the bubbly.

Dinner starts off with a Caesar salad.  Everything is homemade (except for the lettuce which we did not grow).  Mom made the dressing (there's nothing quite like fresh), bacon bits and the croutons, to everyone's delight.

When Domino announced the main course, Auntie Susan was ecstatic!  It was filet mignon done just the way she likes it (well done), over smashed potatoes drizzled with a red wine reduction sauce.  The meat and the sauce were flavoured with garlic and rosemary, along with a side of long green beans.

Here's Daddy with his filet.  He opted for the 12-oz. instead of the 8, and likes his a little more on the rare side.  Efurryone was very happy.  Some of them even said it was the best filet they've ever had.  Compliments to the butcher, methinks.

Dinner finished off with a chocolate fondant.  If you read my birthday poem, you'll know that ...

 ... Auntie Susan preferred this to any kind of cake.  Mom also made up little gift bags for her guests.  Inside were 2013 calenders of either Domino or Dante, as well as some low calorie chocolates and a bunch of jokes that Mom made up.  It has become tradition to go around the table and tell these jokes after dessert.

In keeping with the "Marie Antoinette" theme, Domino made up this card for her beloved Auntie Susan, and included Dante and Dylan as well.  Looks like Susan's getting cake whether she likes it or not!

After dinner, Mom put down her camera and all of the ladies (including our ladycat who had successfully shucked her party dress) retired to the family room to watch episodes of 'Miranda Hart', a British comedienne who has her very own show.  She's one of the funniest people Mom and her friends have ever encountered.  With Miranda, there's no shortage of actual laughing out loud moments.  She's a real hoot!

From start to finish, it turned out to be a very special occasion indeed.  Daddy helped Auntie Susan carry her birthday bounty back across the street, and we all settled down for the night leaving the aftermath until morning.


ZOOLATRY said...

What fun ... and happy, happy to the birthday "queen".
PS ... Domino, you really know how to give a pawty!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Domino, you're quite the hostess, and such a gorgeous gown!

What a fabulous birthday celebration that was. It's really not the material things we get (or give) that we remember in the long run, but more the wonderful time spent together on such occasions!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

What a lovely birthday celebration for your Auntie Susan. You looked lovely in your party dress Domino.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

N thanx full leee noe burd a peered...any wear......happee bee lated birthday ta aunt susan !!

Brian said...

Sweet Domino, you really are the hostess with the Mostess! What a terrific pawty! Happy Birthdat Auntie Susan!

Marg said...

Domino, you sure are a good girl to be such a pretty hostess. Love that you wear that dress and don't take it off. That looks like such a good party and made our Mom very hungry. Take care.

Terri said...

You are indeed a gracious hostess, Domino! You looked smashing, too :)

Happy Birthday to your Auntie Susan!

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

What a fun birthday party! And clearly, Domino was the belle of the ball!

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

What an elegant party! Domino, your outfit was simply stunning!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

That a very beautiful happy party!!!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Domino, you are a perfect hostess. Must have been a fun party!

The Florida Furkids said...

What a fabulous evening and you were purrfectly dressed for the occasion!

The Florida Furkids

Oui Oui said...

Happy birthday to Auntie Susan! What a great party and a great hostess too. We wondered if everyone ate cake?

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Domino, you picked out a very pretty dress and you throw a fabulous party! It does look like a great time was had by all.