Sunday, November 6, 2016


Dylan has been asking why I haven't been posting pictures of him in hats lately.  I didn't really have a good answer, so here he is in all his hatted glory!  After all mancats deserve hats, too.

Dylan is wearing a tan and white-striped flatcap.  The warm tones meld well with his fur coat.  And his bowtie, in earthtones, really adds to the whole effect.

Show-off that he is, Dylan is wearing his gold Rolex with rust-brown leather strap.  It's usually something he saves for special occasions, but then I guess this is one, as it represents the rebirth of his modelling career.

Looking on is a sweet little chickadee.  The cooler tempurratures don't seem to deter them from making friendly visits.

"I like Dylan cuz he's a D an' so is me -- a chicka-D dat is!"

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Brian said...

You are one snazzy dude Dylan!