Saturday, November 5, 2016


Domino's out front enjoying a beautiful sunny November day.  These are fairly rare where we live, so eking out every drop of sunshine is a necessity at this time of year.

Domino is wearing a black linen wide-brimmed hat with leopard-print band to shield her eyes from the sun.  And her leopard satchel with black leather trim is a perfect match to her hapurrdashery.

In keeping with the 'big cat' theme, Domino's necklace is gold with a black-and-gold lion pendant studded with three diamonds.  Her gold lion cuff bracelet only reinforces her genetic link to the Family Felidae.

Domino is an example of how felines have evolved over the years into the very sophisticated animals they are today.  She has taken the best of her domesticated attributes (i.e., her modelling abilities) and combined them with her basic familial instincts.  As they say:

Image result for inside every cat is the heart of a lion png


Brian's Home Blog said...

You are one classy gal sweet Domino!

pilch92 said...

Beautiful, I love your outfit.