Thursday, September 15, 2016


Domino likes her apparel to be in keeping with the changing seasons.  Here she has chosen something that is appropriate for the end of summer/beginning of fall.

Her light woven gold and black hat is adorned with both a flower and some artfully curled ribbon.  It goes very nicely with her tuxy complexion (i.e., fur coat).  Around her neck she is wearing a golden butterfly pendant on silver chain, and on one wrist is a deliCAT silver filigree bracelet studded with golden citrines.

On her other paw, Domino is carrying a gold and black floral-patterned mini-bag.  It has just enough room inside it so she can carry all of her essentials.

Domino clearly has an affinity to butterflies, because as she says "Jus' like me, buttahflies is free!"

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Brian's Home Blog said...

You sure look stylish pretty girl!