Friday, March 4, 2016


Although Domino may be the only one who is currently 'marching', they are all dressed appropriately for a trek in the snow.

 Domino is feeling very colour-full in her knit coral newsboy cap and matching mittens.  She is sporting a wool scarf in a slightly lighter hue, fastened with a floral coral brooch.

She has even trotted out her new rust-coloured leather boots with very fashionable gold buckles for trotting around the neighpurrhood.

The bullfinches approve of Domino's colour choices, but start to wonder if she isn't a bit of a copycat (amongst other things too dastardly to detail).

Dylan, too, is dressed to the nines (as least as far as winter outwear is concerned).  He is wearing his favourite black leather aviator hat which is extra warm due to the faux fur lining.  He has paired this with a smart black and blue plaid wool scarf and some coordinating black and blue waterproof mitts.

The street lamp is casting some light on the situation.  Dylan has been hearing some chattering noises, and spies the reason why.  There's a squirrel up there in that tree.

"Purrhaps yoo'd like ta 'come on down'", says he.  "I gotta big surprise jus' fur yoo!"

"Yoo fink I'm nuts?" replies the squirrel.

Dante has gone for quite the long hike.  He's trying to stay close to the beaten path as the fields are deep with snow.

Dante has chosen to wear a faux fur hat with plaid brim.  His woolly scarf is also a gold, red and green plaid.  Being quite large it covers a good portion of his upper torso.  Dante's also wearing waterproof ranger's boots in brown and tan, and brown suede gloves with fake fur trim.

"I generally likes ta be genuine, but wen it comes ta fur, faux is the best way ta go!" asserts he.

It's then that Dante notices this cute little bunny deep up to his neck in snow and he seems to be stuck. "Nevah fear liddle rabbit, I'm gonna help yoo get outta dere.  Yoo kin
just grab onto my tail an' I'll pull yoo out!"

Good thing Dante's dressed for the job!


da tabbies o trout towne said...

guys....everee one IZ dressed ta de ninez....ya look grate !!

heerz two a king oh de herrings kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

Brian said...

I sure am glad you have your snazzy hats to help keep you warm! Have a great weekend everyone!!!