Sunday, March 27, 2016


Easter eggs and hats are the order of the day for the 3-D Cats.

 Domino's out hunting for eggs in full Easter regalia.  What a beautiful pink lace dress adorned with ivory roses!  Her wide-brimmed Easter hat is ivory, too, adorned with matching flowers.

Domino is also carrying an Easter rabbit wand.  If she can't find enough eggs, she intends to conjure some up!

 Dylan is overjoyed at the egg-cellent turnout!  He is sporting a green and yellow straw fedora with blue band with a coordinating bowtie in bright orange, lime green and pale blue.

Dylan's bunny friend is suited up in a similar outfit -- why they look like they could almost be related!

Dante's wearing a pink straw fedora with gray trim, and bunny ears which capture the spirit of the day.  His bowtie has matching pink tones with touches of yellow and white.

Dante's overwhelmed by all the eggs-amples of Easter bounty which surround him.  "Yum!" says he quite succinctly.

The 3-Ds and I wish you all a very ...


Summer said...

Happy Easter!

Brian said...

You all look so amazingly fancy! Happy Easter from all of us, we hope it's a hoppy one!

pilch92 said...

Happy Belated Easter! You all look great in your Easter hats.

Katie and The Katz said...

You all look great in your Easter Hats! Hope you hads a furry Happy Easter.

Weze rested all weekend... so we come by and say hi dis morning.

Katie Kat and the Katz