Thursday, September 4, 2014


Dylan, Domino and Dante waited until Thursday to hat up because of Domino's birthday celebrations.  Today, they are all in fine form in their finery, as purr usual.

Dylan's in a taupe hat with red stripes and brown band.  He has paired this with a funky deep red bowtie with skulls and crossbones.  Unfortunately, Dylan's run into the mother of all moths who is sending some of her minions his way despite the Danger Warning on his tie.  Looks like Dylan's going to have to break out the mothballs any moment now!

Domino is gorgeous in this gold wide-brimmed woven hat accented with green florals.  Her pearl ivory and green illusion necklace fairly floats about her dainty neck.

It appears that she has attracted a number of dragonflies today, which is quite appropriate actually, given that she considers herself quite the Dragon Ladycat.

"So drag yoor liddle asses on ovah heer!", commands Domino.  "Crunchy snacks is my fafurite!"

Dante, who is wearing a suede dusty-rose fedora trimmed in pale gray and accented with a feather, feels a little more kindly towards his winged friend, the butterfly.  "If dey wuz bees, I'd beefriend dem, but since dey're buttahflies I'm jus' gonna buttah dem up!", says he.

"Go ahead an' has sum -- yoo'll like it, it's creemy!"

It's the flight of every butterfly's fancy.