Tuesday, August 12, 2014


How you deal with being behind bars (if you're a cat) is simply a matter of cattitude!

 Dylan recently found himself behind bars in our back yard.

At first he was quite alarmed (of course, for Dylan this is purr usual).  All he could think about is how to escape.  He wasn't about to join any chain gang and with his pretty boy face, he was sure to be a target inside.  Being a long-term PURRisoner just wasn't an option!

"Dey say reality is PURRception", says he.  So I'm gonna PURRceive my way out of dis wun."  And sure enough in a blink of an eye he was transported to an oceanside bar where the view was amazing and the drinks were plenty.

Dylan says "Bein' behine bars isn't always such a bad fing -- speshully wen dey've got a lickher licence!"