Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Domino, Dante and Dylan are happily wearing hats on hump day.  They really look forward to the days they can dust off their headwear (and their humps) and pose for the camera.

Domino brightens her own day in this hot pink woven hat with millinery roses.  Her dazzling jewels play on the same vibrant tone while adding a cooler touch of blue and white.

"Is eazy ta peacocky wen yoo looks as gorjuss as me!", she exclaims with confidence.

Dante must beeware of what he's wearing because it seems to have attracted some bees!  His black straw fedora with funky orange, black and yellow hatband may have done the trick.  The bees probably think Dante is just one of their own.  Dante thinks otherwise.

"Jus' call me honey!", says he.

Dylan chose to don this Stetson with Native American theme along with his bullish bolo tie.  There's nothing like a steer to help you navigate a cattle drive -- even if said drive is in your dreams.  As long as you have a dreamcatcher, you're sure to be a winner!

"Winnah, winnah, beef dinnah!" exclaims Dylan happily.