Sunday, August 24, 2014


Today Domino is modelling her new dress.  She absolutely loves this one!

 "I luvs it becuz dere's owls on it", she says excitedly.  "Owls is birdies, yoo noe!"
Domino is a hoot in this turquoise number with polka dots at the neck and dark brown trim.  She has a beautiful bluish bow on her head and a pretty pink pendant at her throat.

 And on her back is a large brown owl!

The turquoise and brown are also accented by an under-layer of pink tulle on the skirt and, on top, pink blossoms on tree branches where some smaller owls are PURRched.

 "OK, enuff wif da modullin'" says Domino.  "I'm off ta hunt owls!"

 "Dis is wot I calls a PURR-OWL -- cuz I'm PURRowlin' fur OWLS!"

 After PURR-OWLing her own yard with no luck, Domino is off across the street to check out our neighbours.

 "Nope, no owls in dere", she says dejectedly.

And then suddenly, as if out of the blue (which is quite likely, actually), a brown owl appears before her -- and it's waving hello!

Domino simply can't believe her eyes!
"Dis wun's all in a flap about sumfin", she remarks.

But before she could pounce, the owl had flown off -- in one fell swoop!

 All that Domino had left was her broken dreams and a single feather.
"Dis a wot I calls FOWL play!" says she.

 Domino dragged her sorry ass back across the street in defeat.

And when she got home -- right back where she started from -- there was a big surprise awaiting her.

Owl was not lost.  Someone, much cagier than she, had caught the wily wanker!  OWLaylooya!!!

And this is the end of the tale.
  Domino was left to wonder WHOO did this but the owl could only ask WHY.