Sunday, July 27, 2014


Today is Dylan's 10th birthday.  Yes he has finally hit the big One-O!

He's all dressed up in his birthday finest and celebrating with his friends at an afternoon party.

When the party is over, Dylan has to hightail it to the airport to pick up his fiance, Halle.  They have dinner reservations at an upscale restaurant in downtown Ottawa.

Fortunately, the weather is just fine for outside dining.  Both Dylan and Halle have chosen the Seafood Medley.

Later on in the evening they go dancing at a downtown club -- The Kitty Kat Klub, as it were.

And after downing most of a bottle of champagne, they retire to their hotel room for the night ...

... where things are really heating up!

All in all, with the help of his friends and his beloved fiance, Dylan had his happiest birthday ever!
And here's to many more ...

Thanks to Ann Adamus for the dining and hotel room images.