Monday, July 21, 2014


Today the 3-Ds have taken a fashion risk by donning very bold colours.  They like nothing better than to be on the cutting edge (especially when Mama's slicing cheese)!

Dante's in a lime green trilby with multi-coloured band.  He has coordinated this with a green and orange paisley bowtie.  His little squirrel friend, Trevor, is literally taken aback by his style.

And not to be outdone, Trevor is quick to make a few radical fashion choices of his own.
What a nut!

Dylan's secure enough in his masculinity that he can wear pink.  And here he does it with abandon!  His smart brown-striped fedora is banded in a hot pink floral with touches of green.  He has paired this with a classic yet daring brown-and-pink plaid bowtie.

"Birds of a feddah gots ta stick togeddah", says he, "speshully wen we're in da pink!"

No wonder Dylan doesn't mind wearing pink -- he thinks he's a bird!!!

Domino is fairy, fairy mysterious in her teal-veiled fascinator.  She has chosen a mystical pendant with a cat fairy atop a pearl globe as a fashion accessory, along with a winged insect ring to adorn her dainty paw.

"When it comes ta fashun", says Domino.  "I jus' wings it!"