Tuesday, October 29, 2013


As Austin Powers would say:  "Oh, beehave!"  So Domino did just that.

Auntie Val gave Domino this red bee costume the last time she visited.
"I mus' say, yoo has reely good taste, Aunty Val", says Domino.  "Fur a hooman, dat is!" 

And so Domino started to 'beehave'.  She just can't help but bee a model bee. 

 Here Domino is waiting in the driveway.  "I doan wanna bee late fur my flite", says she.

And look where she landed!  Bees just love gardens beecuz that's where they naturally beelong. 

 "Jus' checkin' beehine me", says Domino.  A bee can never be too cautious.

Then, since it's almost Hallowe'en, Domino thought she'd take the opportunity to 'beefoul' the garden.
"I jus' couldn't 'leaf' well enuff alone", says this busy little bee.

And at the end of the day, Domino can sincerely say:
  "BEEn dere, dun dat!"

So now we'll BEE off!