Thursday, July 25, 2013


Finally, it's a good day to go out into the garden!  It has been so hot and humid it could make a kitty's fur sizzle.  Today, it's actually quite cool.

 "An' wun of da coolest fings ta do ...

 ... is ta sit on my bench an' look at da gahdin all arownd me!", says Domino.

 "Mama plantid it wif pinks an' bloos."

"Bof of dese colors is verreh vivid ...

 ... but I fink da BLOOS stands out da mostest!"

 "No mattah how much I likes bein' in da pink, it still cant beat da BLOOS."

"Seein' all dis BLOO makes me fink of my sweetheart, Milo Marshall, cuz he has bootiful BLOO eyes."

Milo's Eyes

"I fink I'll sing about it."

I'm sitting out here
All by myself
Sometimes I feel I
Bin put on a shelf

It makes me feel bloo
Cuz I'm here wifout yoo
It hurts in my heart
Wen we're apart 

Yes, I got da bloos
Da bloo gahdin bloos
Yeah babee,
I'm singin' fur yoo
Cuz my love is troo bloo!

P.S.  Milo Marshall is busy helping his beans move to a new house.  I'm sure Domino will be invited over once they're all settled in.