Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Domino is preparing for a major photoshoot for a sPURRead in a well-known cat magazine.

So, before she starts, she takes a quick check in the mirror.
"Absoloot PURRfecshun!" says she.  "OK I'm reddy."

"We is shootin' on locashun in da wild, today", says Domino.  "So I am warin' wunna my wildah outfits." 

 Indeed Domino is wearing a zebra-striped and lime frock for this foray into uncharted territory.

And then suddenly it all just mushroomed!

Just like mushrooms, Domino likes things dark and damp.  
"I has always bin kinda a shady charactah", says she who is the Queen of Cool.

"An' waterfalls is a PURRfect backdrop fur me!   Dey is wunnerful on a hot summah day."

 But no matter how busy Domino gets, she always remembers to stop and smell the flowers along the way.
"Dey is simply DE VINE!"

 Domino saves some of her best poses for last.  Here she is, with a wild glint in her eye, stalking her prey.

And this final one is quite a stretch, but Domino is always up to the task!

Who knows, maybe they'll show this photoshoot on 'Wild Kingdom', too.  After all a kitty in a zebra dress isn't something you see efurry day of the week, now is it?

Photos by Susan
Photo Editing by Wendy