Friday, June 14, 2013


Domino was sitting on the front porch just minding her own business, when she suddenly sensed a PURRabnormal PURResence (we all know that Dylan can purr, and he certainly isn't normal)!  Having just returned from her vacation to the haunted castle in Scotland, her Extra Sensory PURRceptions were heightened.

"Who are yoo, spirit?", asked Domino as chills ran up and down her spine. 

Dylan goes "Wha???"
"Please doan cry, spirit", says Domino very sympathetically.

 "I kin feel yoo and hear yoo, but I cant see yoo", says Domino.  
"Mebbe if yoo opened yoor eyes an' turned around", says the fuzzy apPURRition.

But as soon as she did, the phantom disappeared as quietly and quickly as it had come.
"Gee, wif all dese ghost stories, I fink I'm gonna try my paw at a liddle ghost-writing!"

  That's the spirit, Domino!

Note:  Photos by Susan; Photo Editing by Wendy