Sunday, January 29, 2017


Dylan might as well be out in the wild, but he's really only on the back deck.

Dylan is wearing his orange and brown plaid trappurr hat and orange and white cable knit scarf with woolly orange mittens, all designed to keep his vulnerable parts warm (his own fur coat protects the most vulnerable, yea vital!).  On his booted back feet are a pair of Timberland PROs with black bottoms and brown uppurrs.

He better watch his step so he doesn't crush those nuts (pun intended).  He is distracted by the chattering squirrels who are making so much noise it could well rise to the level of a CATegorical cacophony!

Considering their equidistant placement around him, those little beasties are providing nature's version of surround sound.  So it's a good thing Dylan's ears are protected by the thickly lined ear flaps on his hat!

Dylan is not only surrounded by sound, he is surrounded by rapacious little rodents, looking to fill their bellies and ...

... "squirrel away" as many nuts as possible for afters.

What Dylan couldn't know is that squirrel messengers had been sent back into the woods to spread the word about the piles and piles ...

... and piles of nuts that were available at the house beyond the fence -- and all for a song!

And so many more squirrels arrived to join what became a regular squirrelfest.  Among them were some of the most famous squirrel MEWSicians ever to be assembled.  Here's the lineup and their biggest hits:

Justy Timberland "Bringing Saxy Back"

 Monica Blue "Harmony Us"

Band Joe "Deliver Ants" 

Hose A. Guitarra  "Groovin' on my G-String"

Accor Dion "My Main Squeeze"

and last but not least ...

Funky Fiddlesticks "Drummin' Up Bizness"

They all gathered 'round Dylan and taught him the real meaning of Surround Sound.  It was High Def at its highest!  What had begun as a cacophony of idle chatter became a concert of idol harmony.  

The moral of this story is ...

Before you crittersize anything, take a good look at your surroundings and endeavour to realize their true potential.

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Brian's Home Blog said...

I hope you find your way back to the warm soon Dylan!